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Abarth 124 rally Unstoppable on Both Dirt and Tarmac

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    • Abarth 124 rally Unstoppable on Both Dirt and Tarmac

      • First win of the season on dirt roads for Florin Tincescu (ROM) and Alina Pop (ROM), who are now leading their category and are eleventh in the overall ranking in the Rumanian Rally Championship.
      • In Italy, young driver Christopher Lucchesi (ITA) and Marco Pollicino (ITA) took their fourth success of the season in the Italian Championship R-GT category, in the Rallye Elba.

      The Abarth 124 rally confirmed to be the one to watch out for on dirt roads and on tarmac alike in two very different races last weekend.
      In Romania, on the tough dirt roads of the Arad Rally, Florin Tincescu (ROM) and Alina Pop (ROM) took the R-GT podium, securing an eleventh place in the overall ranking.
      In Italy, handling qualities of the Abarth 124 rally excelled on the tortuous roads of the special stage on the tarmac of the Rallye Elba, propelling young Christopher Lucchesi (ITA) and his co-driver Marco Pollicino (ITA) to their third win of the season in the R-GT category. The two finished ahead of Bernini Rally team mates Andrea Modanesi (ITA) and co-driver Roberto Mometti (ITA).
      With these two victories, the 124 rally has collected 14 category wins this season in the Italian, French, Romanian, Slovenian and Spanish Championships, in addition to a well-deserved four-of-a-kind in the Rally Tour de Corse round of the FIA R-GT world championship.
      In Romania, the Arad Rally was particularly demanding and discriminating, with off-road special stages alternating with fast stretches and rough trails through the woods. These conditions did not slow down young Rumanian Florin Tincescu, who was tackling the dirt roads for the first time in a rear-wheel drive car. "My Abarth 124 rally was extremely reliable, above all considering that we did not hold back, not even on the roughest patches", he declared at the end of the race. "It was a really tough and selective race and also for this reason I am particularly satisfied of our success".
      In Rallye Elba, both the Abarth 124 rally cars cut the finish line confirming their reliability and the excellent results corroborated its performance. Once again, Lucchesi (ITA) led the race from start to finish and had the satisfaction of making excellent time on the longer timed stages of the very spectacular and exciting course crossing the rugged island of Napoleon's exile. "Four wins in four races mean I can seriously stake my claims to winning the Italian R-GT championship, which was my goal for this season", he declared. "The outstanding reliability of the Abarth 124 rally is the key element for accomplishing this feat".
      Turin, 28 May 2018
      Pessimisten stehen im Regen, Optimisten duschen unter den Wolken.

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